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Durable - Dust-free - Easy to Clean
Pure polyurea and auxiliary products for industrial coatings, liners and joint sealants.
A plastic-like or rubber-like compound
Presently we are manufacturing
Acid Resisting Mortars like
Furane based Mortar
Phenolic Resin type Mortar
C.N.S.L. based Mortar
Epoxy Resin type Mortar
Potassium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sodium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sulpher based Mortar
Bituminous based compound block.
Acid proof Bricks / Tile
HDPE / PP Chemical
Storage Tank Reactor
Air Pollution Control
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Corro Care Industries, was established in the year 1982, with its Manufacturing Unit and Registered Office at Ahmedabad, Vatva. Initially we commenced our business by manufacturing all types of Acid Resisting Mortar and by also handling Turn-Key Projects for Acid Resisting Bricks and Tiles Linings.  After our great success in Acid Resisting Mortar, Acid Resisting Bricks and Tiles Linings, we expanded our range of products into plastic Engineering like Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, FRP Linings and PVC Linings. These developments have taken place after continuous research and development programs taken up by us in order to satisfy the need of ever changing requirements of clients. Due to these developments Coro Care Industries has been able to provide different types of most cost effective and practical Anti Corrosive Linings.

These products are widely used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, Agro chemical industries, Textile industries and Fertilizer industries. These industries use certain chemicals which are prone to corrode M.S., R.C.C., Storage Tanks and Vessels etc. We have been successful in taking up the challenge of saving the Plant and Machinery of Chemical and other Industries from corrosion.

We also having Vast business in manufacturer of HDPE chemical storage tank and reactor, PP chemical storage tank and reactor, Gas Scrubbing Systems.

The following are the products and services provided by Corro Care Industries:


Presently we are manufacturing Acid Resisting Mortars like
a. FUROTOP: Furane based Mortar
b. FINOCONS-ES: Phenolic Resin type Mortar
c. ELKOCID: C.N.S.L. based Mortar
d. BONDITE-EBM: Epoxy Resin type Mortar
e. CILICID-K: Potassium Silicate Resin type Mortar
f. CILICID-N: Sodium Silicate Resin type Mortar
g. THERMOSET-SSR: Sulphebased Mortar
h. THERMOSTICK: Bituminous based compound block.
All above Mortars are being manufactured as per relevant specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards.


We handle projects for Acid Resisting Flooring, Bricks, Tiles Lining and Epoxy Screening inside M.S. Storage Tanks, RCC Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Effluent Treatment Plant and Filtration area. We are also the provider of Acid Resisting Lining for Plant Floors in chemical industries, Agro Chemicals industries, fertilizer industries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, textile industries, process houses, rolling mills etc.

We also provide Rubber Lining and HDPE Lining on same Agitator. Due to double lining it gives better service for a very long period compared to single rubber lining.


Corro Care Industries also undertakes Turnkey Projects for Construction of Effluent Treatment Plants which includes Construction of Primary Treatment Plants, Secondary Treatment Plants, Evaporating Lagoons and A.R. Brick Lining. We also handle designing and laying of appropriate size of underground as well as over ground HDPE pipe lines and PP Pipe Lines for drainage with R.C.C. Sumps, Expansion Joints (Bellows), HDPE Tank etc. We provide designing, fabricating and laying of HDPE Pipe diffused aeration system with R.C.C.  brick support and A.R. brick support.

We have constructed a number of prestigious buildings for hospitals flats, clubs etc. We are providing  RCC brick lining and A.R. brick lining for reactors up to 100 K.L. and effluent treatment tanks up to 2000 K.L. capacity.


The Gas Scrubbing System consists of Water Jet Venturi Scrubber, HDPE Packed Tower, HDPE Circulating Tank, PP Vertical Process Pump, PP blower and FRP blower.  Gas Scrubber made from HDPE has replaced M.S. scrubbers, PP scrubbers and FRP scrubbers because of its better Quality and its economical price. This HDPE Gas Scrubber has been considered as a revolutionary product developed by Corro Care Industries. These Gas Scrubbers are available in different sizes and capacities designed as per gas flow rate & client's requirements.


The service department of Corro Care Industries is extremely important and vital to the organization.  We have been successful in carrying out difficult and challenging projects because of our highly experienced work force including professional engineers, site supervisors, skilled masons and workers who are highly motivated and confident to take up any challenge under any given condition. With the support of such highly motivated skilled work force, we have been able to undertake any turnkey project and execute the same in the shortest possible time, with high degree of accuracy to the entire satisfaction of our esteemed clients.
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