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FLOOROVATION - The smarter choice
Ground-breaking flooring innovation
Brought to you by Corrocare
Durable - Dust-free - Easy to Clean
Pure polyurea and auxiliary products for industrial coatings, liners and joint sealants.
A plastic-like or rubber-like compound
Presently we are manufacturing
Acid Resisting Mortars like
Furane based Mortar
Phenolic Resin type Mortar
C.N.S.L. based Mortar
Epoxy Resin type Mortar
Potassium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sodium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sulpher based Mortar
Bituminous based compound block.
Acid proof Bricks / Tile
HDPE / PP Chemical
Storage Tank Reactor
Air Pollution Control
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FLOOROVATION - The smarter choice


Floorovation Polished Concrete is a breakthrough product that relies on the inherent and immense strength of concrete to create longer lasting and better looking floors. After grinding away the surface layer to expose the hard concrete underneath, Corrocare takes floors through a rigorous, multi-step process that includes grinding and polishing with specialised equipment and impregnation with a special cure. The result? Industrial and commercial floors that outshine the ordinary.

Stronger bottom-lines

Floorovation Polished Concrete is Durable, Dust-free, Easy to clean and maintain and Environment-friendly. Of course, Floorovation treated floors satisfy more than the four pre-requisites of modern flooring. Besides being good-looking, they make good business sense. With initial investment the same as or lower than traditional flooring solutions, Floorovation floors score higher with its lower maintenance and longer life. Thus, they have lower lifecycle costs than conventional floors.

Without doubt, Floorovation Polished Concrete is the smarter choice.

Our offer

We provide a host of industrial protection solutions under one roof. Industrial Flooring. Lining Systems. Coatings. Structural components and materials. Besides manufacturing products designed to fight industrial corrosion, we are also into turnkey execution and consulting.

Floorovation flooring system is brought to you by Corrocare under the aegis of HTC SuperfloorTM. A Sweden-headquartered company with leadership in all key world markets, HTC has been leading the global development of professional floor grinding machines, tools and floor concepts, including maintenance systems.

Higher work productivity


Floorovation floors are harder and stronger than others. For instance, their abrasion or wear resistance is seven times higher than unprepared concrete (see graph alongside); impact resistance is higher too.

They are a better alternative to tiles and other traditional flooring. If any tile comes loose from its substrate, the adjacent tiles get affected. Tile grout joints also become weaker over time, harbouring dirt and bacteria, presenting a cleaning and odour problem, eventually leading to the breakdown in the flooring.

Floorovation floors also have noticeably better resistance to chemicals, bases and acids. All this makes them longer lasting.


Forceful impacts like those of fork lift traffic pound uneven surfaces, breaking them and creating dust. Being flatter and more level, Floorovation floors absorb impacts better, hardly raising any dust. Moisture plays havoc with a conventional concrete covering material like epoxy. In such cases, moisture gets trapped beneath the covering layer. This leads to cracking, flaking and dust build-up, which in turn increases cleaning costs. Since Floorovation floors are able to breathe, such a thing does not happen. And therefore, cleaning costs are lower.

Easy to clean and maintain

With less blistering and flaking, Polished Concrete has lower repair costs too. The high gloss makes it hard for dust particles to stick to the surface, making it easy to clean. Tyre marks from fork lifts and other traffic create a maintenance problem for conventional floors. Not for Floorovation flooring, where they do not stick.

Safer and better work environment

The flatter surface makes it easier for fork lift drivers to balance loads on their forks. Relatively high surface friction or slip-resistance makes even wet floors safer to walk on. High surface friction or slip-resistance makes even wet floors anti-skid, making it safer for workers. Fire safety assurance comes from its highest reaction-to-fire rating in its class or its non-combustible nature. The smooth surface also keeps vibrations of vehicles and machinery to a minimum, thus lessening the impact of such vibrations on the human body.

Style and substance


The high-gloss surface and a wide spectrum of colour choices take it beyond the merely functional to the aesthetic. These floors can be an important element of the decor plan. You also have a choice of various degrees of glossy or matt finishes.

Efficient lighting

With a polished finish, concrete does not scatter and absorb light like unprepared floors. Ambient light reflection is 30% higher than unfinished concrete.

Lower electrostatic discharge (ESD)

This is especially advantageous to the electronics industry as unwanted ESD can damage electronic components and equipments.


Floorovation can be applied to new installations as well as renovations.
Another great convenience is the HTC TwisterTM cleaning system, which comes as an optional. It allows you to keep all floors clean with minimal effort. Because it uses just diamond pads and water, without any chemicals or polishing agents, it is gentle on floors.


Lower initial as well as maintenance costs compared to most other methods of flooring. A one-time application lasts a lifecycle of 5-10 years.


Floorovation buildings can qualify as Green Buildings. Polished concrete tends to reduce heating and cooling loads, and thus, energy consumption. Such floors have a low-maintenance regimen that avoids the use of dangerous chemicals. Their higher reflectivity allows owners to reduce lighting and save energy. They do not rely on artificial coatings like urethane, waxes, which carry a larger carbon footprint. Floor colours are made from environment-friendly water-based dyes.

Versatile product

  • Industrial shop-floors and working spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Fork Lift Truck aisles
  • Malls, retail outlets and theatres
  • Hotels, restaurants and other public areas
  • Office and home environment
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