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HDPE / PP Chemical Storage Tank Reactor  
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HDPE / PP Chemical Storage Tank Reactor

Corro Care manufactures "HELIX" brand High Density Polyethylene Tanks using Virgin 1050 grade HDPE Granules / PP Vastalene grade that are extruded into a strip and then wounded spirally and continuously over mandrel to form a homogenous, seamless shell. These storage tanks are satisfactorily fulfil need of storage of common acids like HCL, H2SO4, Acetic acid, NaOH, Phosphoric acid. Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol etc. Due to Hygienic, Non toxic & Non absorbent spiral tank has very large applications in Pharmaceutical and food industries to store Slurries & Pastes. Rectangular tanks are also used as Pickling tanks, Galvanizing process.

HDPE / PP CHEMICAL STORAGE TANKS are classified in to four categories:

Vertical Tank  Horizontal Tank
Large Image Large Image
having storage capacity upto
40,000 litres.
Available in Diameters ranging from
300mm to 3000mm
Rectangular Tank Conical Bottom Tank
Large Image Large Image
Available in various sizes and suitably
reinforced with a M. S. Frame
Used for Effluent Treatment where
settling tanks are needed


Reaction vessels are prepared from HDPE Spiral tanks with a special Design, Accessories and Systems that are east to handle due to lightweight.

Our range of products also includes application of Spiral tanks as Scrubbers, Absorption Towers, Tank System for Effluent Treatment, Process Vessels with Stirrers, Agitators and jackets, Ducts, Acid Proof Liners Etc.

Corro Care manufactures HELIX brand HDPE and PP Spiral Tanks for the last 18 years Now a days HELIX tanks are preferred by almost all industries specially Chemical Industries for Storage, Handling, Mixing and Transportation of Raw Materials & Finished goods / products.

Salient Features:

01. Virgin Raw – Materials & latest Manufacturing Technology:
A special engineering grade High Density polyethylene (HDPE) / Polypropylene (PP) us extruded into a strip and then wound spirally and continuously over a rotating mandrel to form a homogenous seamless shell HELIX Spiral Tanks are made on totally computerized sophisticated & atomized machines which give them designed wall thickness with consistency in quality. The tanks are resistant to Ultra Violet Radiation of Sunlight hence, it can be safely installed outdoor with Black Colour.

02. Immunity to Corrosion:
With a high corrosion resistance HDPE / PP Tanks are inert to most chemical and so not need any extra anti-corrosive lining work.

03.  High Impact Strength & Durability:
HELIX Spiral Tanks are extruded and spirally wounded continuously to give a homogenous construction; it has no seams that could crack under stress. Besides, they have 100% stress free construction to give excellent durability. Also it can withstand an extreme temperature range of – 40oc to + 80oC  (HDPE) and +100oC (PP)

04.  Maintenance Free:
Due to homogenous construction spiral tanks are completely leak Proof, which minimize the Product loss due to shutdown. Tanks do not require any paint, lining or anti corrosive treatment, hence they have a long trouble free life.

05.  Reasonable Cost:
In spite of their special features Spiral Tanks are very reasonably priced HDPE / PP Spiral Tanks are better alternative to tanks of FRP Lead Steel Containers with different types of anti-corrosive lining S.S. etc.

06.  Tailor Made:
HELIX Spiral Tanks are available in a very wide range of standard sizes. They can however be made in any shape and capacities with appropriate fixtures and fittings . Storage Tanks and Reaction Vessels are available as per customer’s specifications with storage capacity upto 40000 Ltrs.

07.  Accessories:
All accessories like Flanged inlets and Outlets, Valves Sight Glass, Float Level indicator, Cap type or Flanged Manhole and its Covers etc and special accessories like Body Flange, Baffles, Cooling Coil, Stuffing Box, Calibrated Glass Level indicator etc for Reaction Vessel can be provided as per customer’s specifications.

Special Applications

08.1. Storage Tanks:
  • For Storage of common acids like HCL (upto 30% conc.) H2SO4 (upto 70% conc.), Acetic Acid , NaOH, Phosphoric Acid, Ethyl Alcohol Methyl Alcohol etc.
  • Due to very high resistance to abrasion, tanks are ideal for handling slurries and pastes.
  • Hygienic, non toxic and non-absorbent Spiral Tanks do not impact any taste or odour. Due to smooth walled surface, it is easy to clean and does not promote growth of Bacteria. This makes it suitable for Pharmaceutical and Food industries.
  • Rectangular tanks are also use as pickling tanks and available with MS support structure. Pen Close Reaction Vessels.
  • Incredibly lightweight Spiral Tanks with special Design. Accessories and System are easy to handle and low in Installation and Transportation costs. So Spiral Tanks are most preferred for Reaction Vessels in Chemical Industry.
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