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It is a most widely used resin type chemical resistant mortar which can economically solve majority of Corrosion problems found in industry.

This is two component system, powder (Siliceous or carbonaceous filler) & resin. In addition to the outstanding chemical resistance it also exhibits excellent physical characteristics. When powder is added to the resin it forms easily trowelable mortar with optimum working life. It confirms to International Standard.

Physical Characteristics

Colour Black
Mixing ratio 3:1 part powder & resin
Density 2000 Kg/m3
Compressive strength >500 Kg/Cm2
Tensile strength >50 Kg/Cm2
Flexural strength >120 Kg/Cm2
Bond Strength with bricks >5
Maximum water absorption below 1 %
Maximum service temp 175°C
Working time (Room temp.) <15 min
Setting time(Room temp.) <300 min
Shelf life  
     -    Powder 5 to 6 week at atmospheric temp
     -    Resin 1 year at atmospheric temp.(27°C)

Preparation of Mortar

The powder is gradually added to resin with mixing in the ratio of 1 part by weight resin & 3 part by weight powder. The ratio & the batch size can be varied depending upon the temperature & working condition. Large batch should be avoided as the mortar becomes stiff quickly, particularly when working temperature is more than 40°C. When working temperature is very low the resin should be kept warm by providing external heating.


Furotop based mortar is used for setting acid proof bricks or tiles, in chemical vessels, tanks, tranches, foundations, floors, drains, Effluent treatment plant etc. Chemical, pharmaceutical, Dyestuff, Met­allurgical, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Industries, use this mortar widely. It is also used as repairing of glass-lined equipment. It should be used as jointing & bedding material to overcome the severe corrosive condition. It is also used as pointing material where there is less severe condition.

Chemical Resistance

It is resistant to a wide range of acid, alkalies, solvents, oils, salt soln. etc. It is suitable for mild dry chlorine gas. Where resistance againsts combination of acids, alkalies, organic solvent is required, it is widely used. It cannot resist oxidising acids like Nitric. It is also affected by Aniline, Soa, Aquaregia, Chromic acid.


Powder - 25Kg. Packed in Polyethelene bag.
Resin     - 25 Kg. Packed in drum.

Storage & Transportation

It should be stored in tightly closed condition, away from moisture, sunlight & direct heat. During storage & transportation it must be protected from contact with water.

Handling Precautions

Since the odour emanating from the powder and from freshly prepared cement is irritating, it is important that the workplace be proved with adequate ventilation. Contact with skin should be avoided, since it causes irritation, accompanied by itching and inflammation. Use of hand gloves, mouth mask and goggles is recommended while followed by plenty of clean water. If syrup splashes into the eye, get immediate medical attention, after cleaning with plenty of water.
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