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FLOOROVATION - The smarter choice
Ground-breaking flooring innovation
Brought to you by Corrocare
Durable - Dust-free - Easy to Clean
Pure polyurea and auxiliary products for industrial coatings, liners and joint sealants.
A plastic-like or rubber-like compound
Presently we are manufacturing
Acid Resisting Mortars like
Furane based Mortar
Phenolic Resin type Mortar
C.N.S.L. based Mortar
Epoxy Resin type Mortar
Potassium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sodium Silicate Resin type Mortar
Sulpher based Mortar
Bituminous based compound block.
Acid proof Bricks / Tile
HDPE / PP Chemical
Storage Tank Reactor
Air Pollution Control
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Corrocare Industries:

Leading manufacturer and supplier of corrosion prevention equipment including acid resisting mortar, acid proof bricks, acid resistant tiles, acid resisting cement, tile lining, rubber lining, HDPE/PP/PVC/FRP lining, HDPE/PP chemical storage tank reactor and air pollution control equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, metallurgical, fertilizer, petrochemicals, pesticides, textiles, fertilizer, metal industries and process houses. Our primary activity is to protect the plants and machinery of various industries from corrosion.

Service department is extremely important and vital to us:

To carry out such turnkey projects, we have highly experienced work force including Professional Engineers, Site Supervisors, Skilled Masons and Workers who are highly motivated and confident to take up any challenge under any given condition. With the support of such highly motivated skilled work force, we can undertake any Turnkey Projects by executing the same in the shortest possible time and with high degree of accuracy to gain the satisfaction of the ultimate clients.

Complete range of Corrosive solutions under one roof:

We at Corrocare dedicated ourselves in the field of anti corrosion engineering to provide complete solution for the most common problem that of corrosion.  Our team of skilled fitters, welders, masons and other experienced work force strive to execute the turnkey projects under the guidance of technically sound engineers.  This equipped us to execute the projects within the time bound set by clients along with the required degree of accuracy.
Serving the customers in a wide variety of ways: In-house raw materials and expertise for lining work
  • Construction work of the shed or structure
  • Corrosion prevention products from Corrocare Industries
  • Fittings and fixtures from other sister concerns
  • Lining work by using own products

Quality Matters Most

At Corrocare quality standards are of paramount importance.  This can be justified from the fact that the quality parameters and stage guidelines have been documented for technical staff and laboratory personnel at the time of project implementation.  Documentation exists at each and every stage of project starting from raw material testing to on-time deliveries. 

Thus systematic procedures in-place, knowledge gained over a period of time,     in-time project execution and a strong technical team ensures a prominent place for Corrocare Industries in the Anti Corrosion Industry.

Product range includes:

  • FUROTOP  :Furane based Mortar
  • FINOCONS-ES : Phenolic Resin type Mortar
  • ELKOCID: C.N.S.L. based Mortar
  • BONDITE-EBM: Epoxy Resin type Mortar
  • CILCID-K:  Potassium Silicate Resin type Mortar
  • CILCID-N: Sodium Silicate Resin type Mortar
  • THERMOSET-SSR : Sulphur based Mortar
  • THERMOSTICK: Bituminous based compound block
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