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Bondite-EBM resin cement is three component cement consisting of liquid resin, powder & catalyst to be mixed at site. A wide range of corrosion resistance & exhibits excellent physical properties such as adhesion to most of the surface & mechanical strength. Ideal where thermal & mechanical shocks are anticipated. It confirms to International Standard.

Physical characteristics

Colour Off White
Mixing ratio 4: 1:0:1
Density 2100 Kg/cm3
Compressive strength >800 Kg/cm2
Flexural strength >250 Kg/cm2
Tensile, strength >120 Kg/cm2
Bond strength with bricks >10 Kg/cm2
Maximum water absorption below 1 %
Maximum service temp. 100°C
Working time (Room temp.) < 20 min
Setting time (Room temp.) <180 min
Shelf life  
      -    Powder : 1 Year at atm. temp.  
      -    Resin    : 1 Year at atm. temp.  
      -    Hardner: 1 Year at atm. temp.(27°C)  

Preparation of Mortar

Powder resin & catalyst are mixed in the given ratio. When atmospheric temperature is high, mortar becomes stiff very quickly. So large batch should be avoided . If mortar becomes stiff, it should not be used & attempt should not be made to make the mix. usable by adding more resin.


It can be used for lining of bricks or tiles in reaction tanks, floor, channels, towers etc., where more adhesion is required. Due to its good resistance to bleach liquor it is widely used in pulp & paper industries. It is prefered in beverages plant, food & pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical Resistance

It is resistant to non-oxidising acids like phosphoric acid, HCL, dilute sulfuric acid, alkalies & aqueous salt solution. It is not recommended for oxidising agents like Nitric acid, Chromic acid & sulfuric of high cone. It has good resistance to solvent but not to chlorinated solvents like chlorobenzene, Carbon Tetrachloride.



Powder   : 50 Kg Polyethylene bag
Resin       : 25 Kg. Packed in drum
Catalyst  : Available in 1 to 5 Kg. tin container


Storage & Transportation

It should be stored in tightly closed condition, away from moisture, sunlight & direct heat. During storage & transportation it must be protected from contact with water.

Handling Precautions

Bondite-EBM hardener is alkaline in nature. Therefore, it is essential that skin does not come in contact with the hardener. It is recommended that rubber gloves to be worn while working with the cement. When the hardener falls on the skin. it should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and plenty of water. If it splashes into the eye, immediate medical attention is required.
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